Quality Assurance

  • The company has established the quality management system conforming ISO 9001:2008 and continually improve effectiveness. We are committed to enhancement of customer satisfaction by meeting the customer's requirements and expectations. To fulfil this commitment, the organization has set a panel of qualified engineers and installed following instruments for testing in-process material quality.

  • Particle Size Analyser from Microtrac

    Key feature :

    The patented Tri-Laser System provides accurate, reliable and repeatable particle size analysis for a various range of applications by using the proven theory of Mie compensation for spherical particles and the proprietary principle of Modified Mie calculations for non-spherical particles.

  • Particle Size Analyser from Alpine Air Jet Sieve

    Key feature : To check to particle size distribution of powder coating at different sieves.

  • Colour Matching Cabinet from JB

    Key feature : It provides D-65 light to match shade under standard setup conditions. Other set of lights are also available to match shades under different lights like TL84 etc.

  • Spectrophotometer from Hunter Lab

    Key feature : This instruments duplicate how our eyes see colour. The instrument measures the product colour and give numerical values (L*a*b) that correlate to what you see. These objective measurements optimize the confidence of our quality decisions.

  • Gloss Meter from BYK-Gardner GmbH

    Key feature : High precision instrument to measure tri angle gloss with recording, USB & Bluetooth data transfer.

  • DFT Meter from Electrophysik

    Key feature : Handy, universally applicable coating thickness gauge with integrated probes, cable probes and interchangeable internal and external probes.

  • Impact Tester from SK Tools:

    Key feature : To check the impact resistance of coating on direct impact. This ensures the mechanical toughness of coating to sudden impact.

  • Pencil Hardness

    Key feature : To check the hardness H-4H for scratch resistance.

  • Scratch Hardness

    Key feature : To check resistance of coating underweight for scratch resistance.

  • Erichsen Cupping Testing Machine from Presto

    Key feature : Accurate and reliable testing of adhesion, hardness, the porosity of coatings of paints in metal sheets, strips.

  • Conical Mandrel from Presto

    Key feature : Conical Mandrel is a laboratory apparatus to bend coated test panels over a conical shaped mandrel in order to assess the elasticity or resistance of a coating paint to cracking; elongation at different radius (3 mm to 37.5 mm) and / or detachment from a metal test panel.

  • Bend tester

    Key feature : To check the bent resistance of coating at 3 mm. This ensures durability of film under mechanical stress.

  • Cross Hatch from BYK-Gardner GmbH

    Key feature : The cross cut test, also described as cross-hatch, uses a blade to cut through the coating to the substrate. At least two cuts are made that intersect at 90 degrees to get a right angle lattice pattern. The cross-cut area is observed for any adhesion failure.