Zinc Primer

Corrosion can be controlled by providing a barrier against the passage of ions and/or oxygen and water. The lower the permeability of the coating for these species, the better the barrier properties. It is important to realize that a barrier coating cannot repair corrosion products or other surface impurities already present on the metal surface. For corrshield properties, these coatings use a new polyester system technology. They either reduce or eliminate the pre-treatment necessity.

It is zinc rich epoxy based thermosetting powder coating designed to enhance the corrosion resistance of steel items. It has been designed as a base coat for powder top coats. Zinc Primer has a multitude of users over steel objects. If chemical treatment is difficult, a zinc base powder primer provides the solution on shot blasted steel. 

  • Gas cylinder & Tanks
  • Agriculture Machinery
  • Street & Garden Furniture
  • Valves