HAPA DC is designed for dip coating method. Under this method bare article is heated in the oven at 250-300°C (480-570°F) for 5-10 minutes. The heating time and temperature depends on the mass of the article and the loading of the oven. This has to be practically ascertained to provide the desired production rates and coating thickness. The heated article is dipped in a tray containing the powder and the powder is splashed on it or dipped in a fluidized bed of the powder for 2-5 seconds. The powder will stick to the hot article.

To smoothen out the powder and provide a glossy surface, the article is re-heated in the oven for 2- 3 minutes. The suggested temperature varies between 120-140°C. This causes the powder to melt, sinter and flow out. Excessive heating may cause the coating to discolour or sag. The article should be carefully taken out of the oven, without coating coming into contact with any other surface and allowed to cool in a clean dust free atmosphere. Sometimes water quenching is also resorted to, for wire products.

  • Wire Mesh
  • Wire Fences
  • Valve