Thermoplastic Powder Coatings

Indian manufacturer offering a wide range of thermoplastic powder coatings for various indoor, outdoor, architectural and functional applications.
  • LDPE Powder for Automotive Carpet Backing

    The automotive carpet can be hot pressed into the desired shape by using our special grade of LDPE powder.

  • LDPE Powder for Industrial Soap

    Non-toxic, Non-reactive & food grade LDPE powder majorly used for producing industrial soap. The industrial soap is non-allergic & safe to use.

  • LDPE Powder for metal wire

    Polyethylene powder supplied for fluidised bed coating on wire fabricated metal articles. The coatings have a smooth finish with good edge protection.

  • LDPE Powder for Textile Adhesives

    Thermoplastic powders are used in the textile industry as adhesives. Powders are mostly used is linked to non-woven fabric processing.

  • Cylinder Inner Plastic Lining

    Inner plastic lining protects the cylinder from corrosion protects from mutual reaction between the cylinder and fire extinguishing agent / water.

  • HAPA

    HAPA powder is specifically designed to provide a durable, chemically & mechanically tough coating for interior and exterior applications.

  • LDPE Powder

  • Rotational Moulding Powder

    Rapid Roto 3604 is a LLDPE designed for rotational applications. its safe use in contact with foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, and drinking water.