Thermosetting Powder Coatings

Indian manufacturer offering a wide range of thermosetting powder coatings for various indoor, outdoor, architectural and functional applications.
  • Anti-graffiti Powders

    Exterior durable thermosetting powder coatings based on polyurethane resins designed for resistant to all types of graffiti.

  • Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powders

    Special epoxy resin powder designed to protect steel from corrosion and reinforced concrete structures from damage that occurs over time.

  • InsulCoat Powders

    Special epoxy resin based powder that provides excellent electrical insulation properties along with thermal stability, moisture and corrosion resistance.

  • Interior Surface of the hot water heater Powders

    Special grade of powder coatings based on epoxy resins and special cross linking agents providing excellent chemical resistance.

  • ValCoat Powders

    Epoxy resin based Val-Coat powders are specifically designed to protect above and below ground iron or steel valves and fittings from corrosion.

  • WoodCoat Powder

    Designed as base coat for sublimation techniques. The process involves the physical reaction between special inks and polyurethane powder coating.

  • Zinc Primer

    It is zinc rich epoxy based thermosetting powder coating designed to enhance the corrosion resistance of steel items.

  • Anti-Microbial Powders

    Silver-ion technology based Anti-Microbial powder coatings prevent the spread of dangerous micro-organisms and suppress the growth of mold and bacteria.

  • ConductCoat Powders

    Conduct coat powder provides excellent electrical conductive properties along with thermal stability, moisture, corrosion resistance and adhesion.

  • Decorative / Special Finish Powders

    Special finishes like Crocodile, Hammertone, Antique, Clear, Transparent and Fluorescent for decorative applications.

  • Epoxy Polyester (Hybrid) Powders

    These are based on a combination of polyester & epoxy resins and applied where limited amount of sunlight exposure is experienced.

  • Low Bake Powders

    Low bake powders are designed to reduce the baking temperature and curing in the oven without compromising the properties.

  • Polyurethane Powders

    Polyurethane powder contains a hydroxyl functional polyester cured with an isocyanate crosslinker which offers excellent chemical resistance.

  • Pure Epoxy Powders

    It is a zinc rich epoxy based powder designed as a base coat for powder top coats. It's purpose to enhance the corrosion resistance of steel items.

  • Pure Polyester Powders

    Pure Polyester Powders are good for outdoor use where considerable amount of sunlight is present. Available in Industrial and architectural grade.