Sale inventory

Sale inventory

Powder Coatings Clearance Sale at unbelievable prices.

Choose powders for a wide range of products and applications.

Unsold inventory at discounted price till stocks last.

No. Product Chemistry Color Finishes
1 Deep blue Glossy LB Epoxy Polyester Blue Structure
2 RAL 9005 Fine texture E Epoxy Polyester Black Texture
3 EP Signal Brown Structure Epoxy Polyester Brown Structure
4 Green Glossy Y Epoxy Polyester Green Structure
5 Dove Grey Matt Epoxy Polyester Grey Structure
6 Havells Grey Glossy Y Epoxy Polyester Grey Structure
7 Lt. Admt. Grey S/G Epoxy Polyester Grey Structure
8 Dream Pink Glossy Epoxy Polyester Pink Smooth
9 Met. Silver Vein® Epoxy Polyester Silver Wrinkle
10 Orange Glossy U Epoxy Polyester Orange Smooth
11 Costlight Grey Matt Epoxy Polyester Grey Smooth
12 RAL 7047 Structure R Epoxy Polyester Grey Structure
13 Light Grey Structure D Epoxy Polyester Grey Structure
14 RAL 7032 Structure P Epoxy Polyester Grey Structure
15 RAL 7032 Structure K Epoxy Polyester Grey Structure
16 RAL 7035 Texture C Epoxy Polyester Grey Texture
17 PP Grey Structure O2 Epoxy Polyester Grey Structure
18 PP RAL 7032 Structure O Pure Polyester Grey Structure
19 Orange Glossy U Epoxy Polyester Orange Smooth

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1. This is a one-off clearance sale, not valid for any ongoing or running orders 
2. Credit Payment for Discounted products will not be allowed
3. No returns, exchanges or complaints will be entertained
4. No customizations will be done

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